Red Ties
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Red Ties

Red has a stimulating effect on the senses, it rings with excitement, power and ambition. You are courageous and outgoing. Red is the essential colour for any man who wants a strong presence and charisma in his workplace. Red shows you’re a man of action. It promotes movement and efficiency, you may not be the boss but you are a strong and competent worker. No matter your position, feel like an executive. Dress the part and the rest will follow.

Red is desire, the force which creates life and demonstrates your sense of excitement and vitality. You can benefit by adding a touch of amoré to your image. Red is the colour of passion, this colour represents pioneers and explorers. You are an entrepreneur who enjoys exploring new ideas and discovering the possibilities. This attitude will inspire action others in the workplace to have the same drive as yourself. You have desire to achieve and won’t let anything stand in your way.






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