Purple Ties
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Purple Ties and Purple Silk Ties for Men.

Purple is the colour of Royalty. It Royal families everywhere use Purple to showcase their wealth and influence. Use this to your advantage and give yourself an air of nobility. Purple is also linked to luxury, you expect nothing less than the best. When it comes to clothing or anything else you expect the utmost quality. Have the image of the wealthy for the price of one tie!

The connection to royalty makes purple a respectable and distinguished colour. Perhaps you would like to appear more reputable at your workplace.  Purple is a suitable choice if your place of work has an illustrious history and sense of tradition. Wearing Purple can give you a distinguished image to better represent your institution. Purple is a passionate colour. It is a perfect mix of the energy and drive of Red, with the softness and integrity of Blue.

You tend to hide your energy until just the right moment giving you a greater sense of control. The combination of these two colours highlight your excited physicality and controlled spiritual nature. Purple is the colour of empathy. It has humanitarian connotations, your actions seek to benefit and better understand others. Purple has a quiet dignity you're spirited and carting but you carry yourself with humility.


Purple has a myriad of shades and tones to experiment with, research all these to find the perfect one for you. Lighter shades show youthful enthusiasm, romance and sensitivity and imagination.

If this appeals to you try shades like Lilac and Mauve. Darker shades tend to being out the spiritual side of the wearer. Bringing a sense of imagination, spiritual energy as well as honour and tradition. If this better suits your try Plum and Dark Purple.

You can also try vibrant shades such as Lavender and Amethyst. These highlight you sensitivity and humanitarian nature.

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